Sunday, June 10, 2012

What to Expect from Culinary School

So you’re signed up and ready to go to culinary school, or maybe you’re still wondering if it’s right for you. What should you expect upon enrollment? Here is a list of classes you can look forward to after being admitted into culinary school.
Food and Beverage Operations:
Food and beverage operations classes cover all the basics of making and serving food. Students will learn how to properly prepare and serve food to avoid health risks, etc.
Food and beverage operations courses include classes on food preparation, sanitation and hygiene safety. Service needs such as food and beverage serving, food and beverage cost controls and purchasing materials, etc., are also covered in food and beverage operations courses.
Dining Room Operations:
Dining room operations prepares the student to work with customers. Students will lean how to effectively deal in guest services. Dining room operations completion can result in jobs as a banquet hall manager, convention services coordinator, catering supervisor, etc.
Professional Presentation:
Professional presentation includes styling food in a way to attract customers. Whether it’s in a menu, food packaging, billboard or on the television, the food that makes your mouth water was professionally styled by a food stylist. There are many tricks of the trade including steam creation, adding color, using different consistencies to make things appear thicker, etc.
Nutrition is an important aspect in culinary arts school. Providing customers with tasteful foods and adequate nutrition are an important focus. Students will be guided on how to create food that is both appetizing and meets nutrition standards.
Restaurant Management:
Restaurant management courses are offered to teach students how to effectively run a restaurant business. Restaurant management teaches how one can begin, advertise for and manage employees within their restaurant business. Classes also teach about different health codes for cleanliness and sterilization that restaurants must follow.
There are many classes offered in culinary arts school. In the list above, includes just a few of the basics of courses that you will be enrolled in. addition to these classes there are a variety of other courses in specific areas. Learning these skills will help you in whichever culinary field you may choose.


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